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  • mountain dew pitch black

    I got a chance to drink a few of these mountain dew pitch black cans last night before doing some work online. Just thought I would share a photo of the new can. Today was a really great day a little bit chilly but I was able to get a lot done. Have you heard […]

  • perpetual leverage

    Things in your life can change at lightning speed never forget it. Have you ever heard of perpetual leverage before? If not it’s going to change the way you think about making money online. Life is what you make it so why not make it awesome! Hope everyone had a great St Patrick’s day. 🍀 […]

  • Life is what you make it

    Lets face it life is what you make it you can have all the knowledge in the universe but if you never take action what good is it? 🌝 Many times you might think you can not do it or change because it’s different. You can and remember you are stronger than you think. Check […]

  • Ginger bread microwave

    Wave or flame? Back in here talking about marshmallow imagine that 🔥 Not sure how you like to make s’mores but I’m definitely a fan of real fire. Yes I know many like to nuke them but inside my mind ginger bread microwave it’s not the same. Not only do they not turn out right […]

  • what happens when the AI get a bug

    Do you have batteries? Just gonna jump right on here and say ginger bread microwave wow it was a awesome day and I’m so thankful just to be alive. Yup no batteries needed to function or even write this post. I see many people still struggling to find answers so figured I’d come on here […]

  • consistent learning action

    Let’s get right into the truth about consistent learning action. 📚 Everyone gets the same amount of time each day don’t get lost in the woods. Some choose to learn as many new things as possible. Take this as my warning… You can spend your whole life learning but if you never take action or […]

  • lost in the woods

    Sunset photography gone wrong Here you go just a tad bit of that lost in the woods blog action right in your face.😁 Being the first blog after the Superbowl I’m just having some Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl Win Feelings. Everything was going according to plan but then poof. We took a different direction and […]

  • Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win Feelings

    Yea it’s been a minute since I have posted but just had to get on here to say happy Valentine’s day!❤️ Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win Feelings are a very real and serious thing for me. Always look into learning new skill. Growing up in KC as a child my family was always cheering […]

  • look into learning new skill

    Right back into it, look into learning new skill sets and strategy to advance in accelerated fashion. No matter what you are focused on you might just get it. The cheer energy in 2023 is not a joke. After some rain and a small wind happiness has came about and the 🍕 was enjoyed! Took […]

  • Cheer energy in 2023

    Have you ever been alone and started listening to the silence of the world? Cheer energy in 2023 might change your mind from negative to positive energy. When everyone is winning and having fun together it really warms my heart. ❤️ How many new people are coming online each day when before it wasn’t possible. […]