lost in the woods

Sunset photography gone wrong

Here you go just a tad bit of that lost in the woods blog action right in your face.😁 Being the first blog after the Superbowl I’m just having some Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl Win Feelings. Everything was going according to plan but then poof. We took a different direction and ended up in the woods. Looking at every single detail while the wind was cutting through the trees down the hillside.

Instantly after 100 dad what is that questions I new we had strayed off course but I was caught up in the moment. The smell and sounds of the woods under our feet was amazing. Plus I really like hiking and nature don’t tell anyone.

The questions started to slow and we really started just enjoying being lost in the woods. Before I knew it the sun was going down and I made the call to start heading back with a flashlight that I received as a gift lighting the way as we cut vines and thorns. Consistent learning action can change your life!

Tracking old trails from years before we came out and looked at the sky. We forgot to take pictures of the sunset so we walked back down and grabbed one. Hope you enjoy it!♥️

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