Month: December 2022

  • moon up temp down

    Holly cow what a perfect day we got a lot of stuff that needed attention tackled. The heat wave is taking a nap tonight… Almost immediately as the sun went down the temperature said ttyl❄️. Hope you enjoyed my moon up temp down post. Everyone is looking forward to color flames and smores tomorrow! Remember […]

  • Exciting heat wave

    Finally a very nice heat wave and you better bet your bottom dollar we took full advantage of it!🌞 Fire burning, music playing and kids playing as the new grill was doing its job. The garlic toast attack had nothing on today that is for sure. Such a perfect day we even had the PLS […]

  • Garlic toast attack

    Have you ever wondered where everything goes? Try buying garlic toast attack… Ready for some real video training? The Yahtzee to go was a blast. Definitely ready for a serious heat wave that’s for sure. You have the chance to learn some advanced skills. No matter what anyone on earth says. Click if you wish […]

  • Yahtzee to go during power outage

    Had a blast last night playing Yahtzee to go during power outage. I had a headlamp that worked perfectly. Yes the garlic toast attack is real . We had a few candles burning and it was game time. The good news about having your own funnel system online is it keeps working for you 24/7. […]

  • You gotta love pls

    Blogging is cool because when you get behind just catch up later when you have more time. Just like I’m doing right now after a Merry Christmas. The new year is approaching quickly and it’s really the perfect time to get started. Check out our Yahtzee to go during power outage night. It’s awesome having […]

  • Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas this year. Such a great time of year you gotta love pls. Did you make any wacky noodles for everyone? The funnel is still working great and now is the perfect time to get started. Take advantage of the easy step by step video training. Getting started with the […]

  • Wacky noodles

    Just a wonderful Christmas Eve with some more wacky noodles. Learn how to get the cash now funnel lead capture page right here. You gotta love running around getting ready for the big day. I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas stay safe and warm enjoying the holidays.🎄 Be sure to get your very […]

  • How to get the cash now funnel lead capture page

    Today I am going to show you exactly how to get the cash now funnel lead capture page and much more. Sub zero blog posts are still here hopefully it warms up soon. This system is a total game changer. Super simple to get going. I had my whole lead capture page up and running […]

  • Sub zero blog post

    Finally made it and took the boots off. The winter storm warning was not a joke. Definitely not going to be a long post I just ended up getting way to cold outside. Learning how to get the cash now funnel lead capture page is beyond easy. In fact that is it for the Sub […]

  • Winter storm warning out in the country

    You can’t change mother nature and here it comes. Winter storm warning in effect so be careful and get ready for very cold wind chills. Once again I am a different type and may sound like a broken record but more people are online when it gets cold. When you get a sub zero blog […]