Month: October 2022

  • Funnel changes

    What a perfect day we had so many things go correctly for a minute. Don’t even worry about Funnel changes everything is still going great! Here is a picture on my walk it is a tad bit dry here. I really like it rolling but as everyone knows water is up to mother nature.♥️ Take…

  • October time slipping away

    So it seems the October freeze killed all the plants outside. 🍅 The year is really flying by and it has been so exciting. Don’t let time slipping away keep you from taking action and learning a new skill set. The access to this training can really change your life and the people around you.…

  • October freeze in 2022

    Tonight on day 97 we decided to pluck all the veggies we could see here is a picture of some. ❄️ The temps have been dropping and the plants are not looking good. Here is the great news the funnel is still performing and now is the perfect time to get started. As the October…

  • Sunset fun in October

    Wow what an awesome day the wind was blowing pretty good and the temperature has dropped a tad bit. The funnel is still working great and I hope you enjoyed the picture of the sunset fun. Take action you should click below.

  • Blogging from the phone

    Making a blog from the phone is not always easy but can be done. It was a great day and I am looking forward to another week. I am going to continue driving traffic and following the videos.🚀 Learning is always something we need to do and the training you will have access to is…

  • Moon peaking out of the sky

    We are still doing great and so many things are going on at once. The moon peaking out may be spelled wrong but here is the deal.🚀 The funnel works and you should check it out!

  • Cash now funnel day 93

    I have been in the Cash now funnel for 93 days! If you have been waiting now is the perfect time to get started. This replicating share funnel technology is a game changer. 🚀 Get this done for you share funnel today and learn how I went from 0 to the leader board just following…

  • Get started for a dollar

    Time is moving so fast you need to take a look at this Funnel. The training is going to make you learn a lot. The cool part is that you can get started for a dollar!💰

  • Flying beetle

    91 has kinda made me stop and smile 😁. I remember the first day I got started wow how time flys. I actually thought it was a bumble bee but this flying beetle bit the dust. After running into a parked lawnmower I got the shot for everyone. Remember the funnel has everything you need…

  • Cloud Action

    90 cloud action was pretty awesome. ☁️Make sure to pay attention because if you don’t you might miss out. Opportunity is here but you must take action. Click below to learn more.