Month: October 2022

  • Fixing the ramp

    Today was very interesting and has me thinking about advanced training. Power lead system prospects just keep rolling in it’s amazing. I’m not understanding everything but added new red arrows and trying to change the blog🚀 Family time guts turned out awesome and we are on our way to even more Halloween fun very soon.…

  • Family time guts

    108 are you paying attention to what is going on here? It’s scary how much you can learn at lightning speed. Fixing the ramp is on the list. Blogging is not my strong suit but this is worth checking out 🚀 We did some walking and then Family time guts. Take action and at least…

  • Finger nail moon in October

    If you have ever been outside and seen something like this it’s awesome 😎. We had a great walk and the sunset felt amazing to see. The Finger nail moon was caught on the way up and I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to get your very own Funnel right now below.

  • Fall tree color in Osceola

    Fall tree color in Osceola was looking amazing.🍁 The cash now funnel is still doing great. We have leads coming in all the time now. Be sure to click below and grab your very own Funnel.

  • Take time slow before winter

    Fall brings a lot of pretty colors and tension folks know the cold is on its way. The key is to take time slow and really focus. This button or image whatever you want to call it has extreme value.

  • Lead generation in the fall

    Today was really great so many things went on target. Remember to be thankful for what you have. Looking for Lead generation in the fall? You just have to check out this funnel. Click below to get instant access!

  • affiliate marketing in fall

    Affiliate marketing in fall is one of the most underrated skill sets. Great news for you this funnel is still around check this out. Just watching these videos can change your life. Click below for instant access!

  • tomato freeze

    102 was a great day here is a picture of the tomato freeze. We picked up a few things special.

  • Meat fest in the valley

    Record breaking day got to try buffalo for the first time and it turned out great. The Meat fest was a success and it was awesome. The funnel is still working great with leads and new gold members coming in. Even if you don’t join me do yourself a favor and watch all the videos.…

  • Buffalo dog

    Buffalo dog you ask? 🐃 All I can tell you is that knowledge is power. If you are looking for a solid training program this is a must. Click below and enter your email the videos are worth your time. The story will come back in awhile.