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  • Cash now funnel day 19

    Day 19 has been exhausting I think we all lose people we love and children can’t always see into the future hell I thought I could fly as a kid. The learning process has been cut here and if you are seeing this or hearing it I would like to say no matter what you…

  • Cash now funnel day 12

    Day 12 has really made me realize not everyone is ready for a replicating share funnel system. Just like when we started watering and tending to plants. Everyone was complaining about it… Now as everything is ready to eat not hearing the bla bla bla 😆 CashNowFunnel

  • Cash now funnel day 11

    Day 11 has been such a great one. Everyone was complaining and didn’t understand. Why are we doing this? Sometimes you can’t see everything 💰 CashNowFunnel

  • Cash now funnel day 8

    Day 8 has been perfect leads coming in and had fun enjoying the day! CashNowFunnel