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  • When a non blogger wins do not over think

    Lets get serious for a second and stop making excuses. Yes we all look back and think about wether it was the right or wrong move…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡². Let’s get out of the funk and learn plan and take action. Listen to people winning and soak up as much knowledge as possible. Do not over think everything…

  • Cash Now Funnel day 25

    Day 25 was awesome we were swimming at a waterfall. Hours later we came back to the car and the cash now funnel had brought in 2 new gold members! Kids had a blast and I got worn out…

  • Cash now funnel day 13

    Day 13 pretty much blew my mind. My suggestion if you are seeing this follow the directions πŸ’° CashNowFunnel

  • Cash now funnel day 10

    Day 10 was exciting from the get go! I woke up to a new cash now funnel gold member. πŸ’° I have to say it makes you feel really good knowing you have a replicating share funnel working while you are asleep. CashNowFunnel